Jewel Box Family Session

St. Louis, MO family photograph

Beautiful Jewel Box Family Session

This beautiful Jewel Box family session was such a full circle moment for me! I did newborn pictures for the Henke family 6 years ago when they just had their oldest! I used to work with Katy at Wash U and I’m so grateful she trusted me with capturing those images early on in my career. It was one of the very first newborn sessions I ever did and I loved it. They then moved away from St. Louis, but when they came back Katy reached out to me to schedule family photos. She let me know this was the first family session they had done since those newborn pictures!

What Made This Session Special

Other than the full circle moment, of course, this family session was full of so many fun and special moments. This was one of the first family sessions where I had two slightly older kids and it was SUCH a fun experience for me. In all honesty, I think I am just a big kid and I had so much fun running around with the two boys. In family photography, my style is active- I follow the lead of the kids and fit in prompts around their energy.

These two guys were super energetic so I would tell them to run over to mom and dad and give them a big hug or let’s have a piggy back fight! My goal is to keep the kids happy and if I’m forcing them to sit and smile, that won’t work for anyone. I won’t get the beautiful family pictures I want and they won’t have fun at their session (And I imagine, they would want those beautiful family photos as well)!

Thank you so much for looking through these images! If you liked this session, you might like this one or this one! And please reach out to me here if you would like to contact me about capturing your family’s memories here in St. Louis!

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