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That's me over there, trying to get a professional headshot, woops. Needless to say, I'm a bit silly and I like to have fun! I also understand that it can feel incredibly awkward to get in front of the camera for pictures. That is where my philosophy about photography comes into play- I believe in forming relationships with my clients (or as I like to call them, friends) so that you feel comfortable in front of the camera! That way, we can capture images that are  authentically YOU.

Does that sound good to you? Yes? Cool, come get to know me then and read about a few favs. 

I'm Sara, a branding and wedding photographer for fun loving, laid back couples!

A little bit more about me

My mom is Colombian and my dad is Egyptian and I'm super proud of it! I grew up eating a lot of good food and speaking Spanish. But because a lot of our family was overseas growing up, we became pretty tight knit and I'm so grateful for them. 
My husband and I got married in 2016 and met at college in Nashville (go dores!). I think he is literally the best person ever and I'm so grateful for him. 

My family

A few of my favs

This is Penny, and yes, she deserves her own slide. She's 5 pounds, adorable, and incredibly sweet. Her only downfall is her breath, but we still love her anyway. 

She loves basking in the sun, playing with her favorite toy (the stuffed rat, pictured), and cuddling with me and Matt. She's the best! 

My puppy

I LOVE food! I love cooking, baking and eating! I made that cake over there for my birthday one year and it was pretttyyy tasty. I love trying new restaurants so if you need a restaurant rec, hit me up- I definitely have some opinions! 

Most of all though, I love that food brings us together. I love preparing food for others and hosting them in my home. I think that's part of the reason I love photography so much, I love serving others. 



These are hella nerdy so get ready for it

- Harry Potter (love the books too) 
- Lord of the Rings 
- The Mummy 
- Back to the Future

I guess you could say I'm nostalgic!  

I should probably watch less TV, but here it is...

- Parks and Rec 
- New Girl 
- Avatar, the last airbender 
- Community

TV shows

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Equity in all areas of life. We have a lot of work to do to reach that point as a society but that is the goal. For weddings, this means that I believe everyone is equally deserving of love and being seen in that love. I will cheer you on for your uniquely YOU day. 

This means that members of the LGBTQ+ community, people of all race and ethnicities, religious traditions, countries, and cultures are welcome in front of my lens! Bonus if you need a Spanish speaking photographer...I got you! 

Treating my clients as friends and not clients! (check out a few of the nice things they say about me on my home page!)

A fun experience that will leave you with images that will help you remember all the emotions of your wedding day. 

Real talk though...what do I value?