Top engagement picture locations in St. Louis

My couples always ask me, “Sara, what are the top engagement picture locations in St. Louis?” so I thought it was about time to write a blog post about it! We are lucky in St. Louis that we have so many gorgeous locations to pick from. I thought about just listing a few places that I like to photograph at, but I wanted this to be more of a guide to help you pick the best possible place for YOU and your partner for your engagement pictures and then I’ll list a few of my favorites at the end! Let’s go! 

  1. Consider what type of look you would like– A lot of my couples pick me for the way I capture natural light, especially at sunset, so a lot of the time we will do engagement sessions in parks around the St. Louis area! BUT, your engagement session is a time to get pictures that reflect you and your partners love. So take some time to think about what vibe you want your pictures to portray! Do you want a more modern and classy look? Then maybe we should take pictures at the Muny with the white columns or on the art museum stairs! Do you want a more fun and intimate sort of vibe? Then maybe we should go to a coffee shop or do an at home session!  
Top engagement picture location St. Louis
You can see the difference here between a more formal location and a more casual location!
  1. Think about locations that are important to you and your partner– Do you have a special place you always go to for dates? What about the place you had your first date? Think about places that are important to you and your relationship for an outside of the box location idea! The couple below asked to snap a few pictures at the location at which they had their first date…Biggie’s! 
Top engagement session locations St. Louis
  1. Consider the weather– I know, I know, this sounds incredibly obvious, BUT if you are getting engagement pictures done in the winter maybe you should brainstorm some indoor locations! Think of cute cafes, the temperate house in the botanical garden, or the jewel box in Forest Park! Just make sure that if you’re looking for an indoor location, you double check that the location doesn’t have any restrictions or you don’t have to pay any fees to use the space. 
Top engagement session locations St. Louis
I know this is a wedding, but you can see the beautiful Jewel Box this way!

Okay with those tips I now give you some of my favorite St. Louis engagement session locations! 

  1. Forest Park– While Forest Park can be very crowded (especially on a nice weekend), it is a great place to get lots of variety! You can get a fancy look on the stairs of the art museum or at the Muny and still have access to gorgeous greenery.
Top engagement session locations St. Louis
  1. Any other St. Louis Park– We are #blessed to have access to amazing parks here in St. Louis, but here are a few of my favs: Tower Grove Park, Lafayette Park, and Blackburn Park! 
Top engagement session locations St. Louis
Lafayette Park is always a good choice!
  1. Clementine’s Creamery– I love this ice cream shop, and what’s cuter than sharing a few giggles over some ice cream??
  2. The Missouri Botanical Garden– There is a fee for entry but it is such a beautiful location! Just make sure to bring some walking shoes for when we walk around 🙂 

I hope that was helpful! Feel free to reach out to me if you want more ideas! 

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