The First Look- Why you should do it

First look wedding

I know this is a post that is on every photographer’s site, but it’s only because it’s so important! First looks have become more and more popular over the years and for good reason! These first looks bring so many benefits and I wanted to highlight a few of them below. I first wanted to say though that I totally respect my client’s choice to do their wedding day however they’d like. BUT I do find that many of clients don’t know what a first look is or don’t realize the benefits of it, so this is my attempt to put some information out there and show you why you should do a first look (or consider it).

Oftentimes, when I meet couples for the first time, they aren’t super enthused about the idea of a first look, and I get it! All your life you’ve been told about how the first time your partner is going to see you, you’ll be walking down the aisle and it’s going to be the best thing ever. So, I understand that if someone tells you something different, you’d be a little hesitant. Here are my reasons why you should consider a first look:

  1. It removes the pressure of a reaction in front of 100s of people and lessens nerves– When you walk down the aisle, you want a reaction from your partner. You want them to cry or laugh or hang their mouth open in surprise. And most people think that walking down the aisle is where they’ll get the best reaction and that a first look will take away from that. BUT let me tell you why a first look may be even better suited to a reaction. It’s no secret that wedding days can be a tad stressful for the couple. By the time the ceremony rolls around, your partner, who may have been cool as a cucumber up until that point, starts to realize that they are about to walk down the aisle and marry their forever person. So with newfound anxiety, they start to walk down the aisle expecting to see their lovely partner but instead are greeted with 100 faces that expect them to be reacting in a specific way! While I may be painting this in a slightly melodramatic fashion, if you do have a first look, this pressure to produce a great reaction is removed!

2. It allows for more portrait time: When you have a first look, we can get more portraits of the two of you before the ceremony! It also allows us to take care of the wedding party images before the ceremony as well which means we can have more portraits of the two of you after the ceremony and not feel rushed! 

3. It allows you to have a more intimate moment on an otherwise busy day: Trust me when I say wedding days move quickly! Having a first look is built-in alone time for you all to enjoy seeing each other and have an intimate moment. It also puts you in the perfect mood for more intimate portraits with some genuine emotions shining through! If your partner sees you for the first time coming down the aisle, they can’t really take the time to share that experience with you!

4. It diminishes your nerves: Seeing your partner before the ceremony allows you to be so much calmer for the ceremony! It allows you to be comforted before your ceremony by the person you love the most- your partner! I am an anxious person by nature and I was so worried I’d be nervous walking down the aisle, but having a first look made me feel super calm walking down the aisle- it was amazing! 

Let me know if you have any more questions about this intimate moment! I look forward to capturing yours.  

All my best, 


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  1. Heather says:

    So many great points here! I love hearing the excitement the couple has from their first look together ❤️

  2. Jerilyn says:

    Love this blog! Great points on why a first look is so helpful for the timeline of your big day.

  3. Sophia says:

    Yes! Definitely should always do a first look!!

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