5 Wedding planning details you don’t want to forget

Wedding planning details

When we plan weddings, we often don’t really know what to expect- I mean most of us aren’t wedding planners! But over the years I’ve picked up on a few wedding planning details you might not want to forget 🙂

Ask your caterer in advance to pack a to go box for you and your partner on the day of your wedding

If you know me, you’ll know I’m obsessed with food, so it’ll come as no surprise that my first tip is to get your caterer to pack you a to go box of food. Often times you’ll be so busy or have so much nervous energy that you’ll either not want to eat or forget! If you have a to go box you’ll be able to eat your food on your way to your hotel. You’ll thank me later 🙂 

Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes for the reception

By the time you get to the reception, you’ll be tired of your fancy shoes and be hankering for a nice comfortable pair of shoes. I meannn sparkly keds anyone?? Bring a pair and have a person who will be responsible for keeping track of them and reminding you to put them on. 

Assume that everything will take much longer than you think it will

Your wedding planner and photographer will both help you plan out your timeline, but assume that everything will take much longer then you think it will- because it will! I always build cushion into my timeline and coach my couples on why I do that. 

Remember to pack your details in one place the night before your wedding for your wedding photographer and dave any extra florals for them

Your photographer will most likely shoot the details first when they arrive. Having them ready the night before will save you from having to run around trying to find them the day of! You’ll need: Jewelry, perfume, shoes, your invitation suite, rings, tie, watch, pocket square, and any other details pertinent to your day! 

Consider when the sun will set when planning out when you want to have your ceremony and reception

This is a small consideration that will have a HUGE impact on your day. Planning around the lighting will ensure you can have beautiful natural light and sunset portraits! Make sure to talk to your photographer about this to figure out the best time.

Hope these help you as you’re planning your wedding! What tips would you add to the list??

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