Misters Bake Shop Branding Session

I remember the first time I tried a hand pie from Misters Bake Shop….I immediately fell in love. Yes, the filling was amazing, but what really got me was that buttery delicious crust! So flakey and so tasty, I was hooked! I also loved the vibe they were bringing- fun and relaxed, they were making pies for everyone!

Needless to say, I was SO excited with the opportunity to do a branding session for Misters Bake Shop. When we started planning out their session, one thing that Megan emphasized was bringing joy to others. Previously, Megan had been a comedian and love being able to provide that immediate joy to people through jokes (similar to the joy you get when you eat a flaky delicious hand pie)! They were also very dedicated to supporting their fellow local food businesses. They base many of their flavors off what they can get from local farmers and food producers and work with the seasons. Ultimately, they want to build a community feel and I am here for that!

That’s why we decided to do two locations for their session. We started out in their kitchen so we could capture some behind the scenes of their process and some fun personality pics and headshots. We then ended at the Tuesday Tower Grove Farmers Market. This is something Megan really wanted to capture because that was were you would be able to see them in their element- in the community, serving out joy in the form of hand pies. I loved seeing how they interacted with the other vendors and the people they were serving. It really was such a cool thing to see!

I hope you enjoy this preview of their session! And the little peaks of their adorable dog, Frodo! I know I was drooling over those hand pie pics 🙂


To find out more information about my branding process, click here!

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