Headshot vs. branding sessions- what’s right for you??

You may have noticed that lately around here, I’ve been doing more branding sessions! I love these type of sessions because they capture the essence of the personality behind the business owner. But before I get too deep into the definition of each type of session, I want to talk about the purpose of this post today- to describe the difference between a branding and headshot session! Headshot vs branding sessions head to head! I often get inquiries for headshot sessions when really what you need is a full branding session vice versa. So with that being said, here are the main differences:

Differences in headshot vs branding sessions

A branding session is a session meant to capture the personality behind a business and the business owner. It is longer and more involved than a headshot session. A headshot session is literally just portraits of you without any extra props or much environmental consideration.

For a branding session, we will:

  • Plan out different storylines for your session that reflect you and your business. An example of this on a very basic level could be photographer, educator, and mother. I always have planning calls with my branding session clients to make sure the storylines I come up with accurately reflect what they want to portray!
  • Capture more than just headshots- we will make sure to capture you doing your work, or doing the things that bring you joy, behind the scenes and more.
  • Choose a location that is intentional and reflective of your vibe. As an example, for my branding images I chose a location with vibrant warm tones and lots of greenery because it is reflective of my fun and colorful style! (Want to see that location? Check out Verde on Cherokee which is also a wedding venue!)
  • Have multiple outfits that reflect different aspects of your business- are you a fun parent who usually works in jeans but also love to put on a power suit when needed?? Let’s capture that!
  • Include props or tools of your trade that show people what you do.


Ultimately, a branding session is much more comprehensive than a headshot session as the goal is to give you a full gallery of images that you can use on your website, for social media content and more!

Let me know if you have any questions and click here to start the conversation for your branding session!

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