Building your social media presence as a small business owner

My own branding images that are all over social media and my website!

I get it, showing your face on social media can be intimidating! The first time I recorded a story on Instagram, I went into a room by myself, closed the door, and basically whispered the story because I hated the sound of my voice. It’s funny to think about that now, because these days I show my face on social media more often than not and I actually enjoy doing it (gasp, I know, right??). It’s helped me so much in building up my social media presence that I’m a convert now!

You may sell a product like a craft or food and are thinking, as long as I have good pictures of that and I’m delivering on my product, people don’t care about me! You might be right, but more often than not, I find that businesses that show who is behind the operations develop a strong social media presence and a loyal following who will sing their praises anywhere! So here are my reasons why I think you (yes, you) need to be showing up as a small business owner!

Benefits of showing your face on social media

  1. Your clients want to know more about you! Seeing your face along with a caption talking about your values and what you believe in will create HUGE fans and a loyal following. Here’s an example: Ben and Jerry’s is an ice cream company. BUT they are also big on sharing their values in their business and people love them because of that! Even if there’s better ice cream out there, I know I might still reach for Ben and Jerry’s because they align with me on so many values and I appreciate that. 
  2. People can connect with a face, not a product. As beautiful as your product is, what is motivating your customers to buy it above the next one? People can form a connection with you first and then invest in your product. 
  3. It brings you the best type of clients (that are so loyal!). You know those small businesses that have almost those cult like followings? Products alone don’t create those followings, business owners do! 
  4. You can build trust with your audience. People want to know WHO they’re buying from and who they’re investing in. Showing up on social media shows them exactly that and starts building that trust before they even meet you in person! 

Showing up on social media is all about creating connection and trust with your clients so you can serve them to the best of your abilities! And while you can do this just by showing up on stories and in reels, investing in branding photography will level up how you show up on social media. Brand photography is meant to capture the vibe you want to show in a professional way! It’s the next level of showing what your business is about and what you value. If that sounds like something you’re ready to invest in, reach out to me!

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