Stylist branding session // Purposely selected by KY

This is a stylist branding session…lol did I even need to say that?? Just look at how cool she looks! All of her outfits were on point! In all seriousness though, I had a great time with Kyler shooting her branding pictures for her styling business. As we were planning out her session, there were a few things that really popped out to me as being pieces she really values in her business. These were, her love of her kids and family, so being a working mom, her as a stylist and lover of fashion, and her as a counselor to her clients. Kyler believes not just in styling her clients, but really helping them feel confident in the clothes that they wear. She wants people to look good AND feel good and I think that’s amazing. Her stylist branding session represented her and her values and I loved that!

We started out with her working mom story line and her kids are so cute!! Her little girl especially was being such a ham for the camera- she really loved it! Kyler dressed them all in more neutral clothes that were a little more casual to get that family fun feel. We then moved on to her stylist storyline and got a few images of her picking clothes out like she would for a client and looking through magazines for inspiration. Lastly, we ended with her counselor storyline where she legitimately called up her friend on facetime to show what it would be like if she was doing a consult with a client.

I love the colors and pop of these images and can’t wait to see how she uses them to grow her business!


To find out more information about my branding process, click here!

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