South St. Louis City engagement session // Amanda and Bart

This was a South St. Louis City engagement session dream!! We had the most fun engagement session together. We started at this gorgeous (but I’ll admit, random) mural on a fence behind the artist‘s house in Princeton Heights. It is a bright and colorful wall full of hearts and it was SUCH a fun spot to start their session out at. Bart and Amanda even dressed the part- they wore fun, bright colors and kept their sunglasses on for a few to keep it extra fun! Then, we went to Tower Grove Park and met up at the ruins at tower grove park to take advantage of the beautiful fall day and light there. We walked around the park getting to know each other and just generally having a grand ol time.

One of my favorite parts

At one point, I saw someone hovering off to the corner of my vision with a dog and thought I was in in the way, so I asked- hey am I in your way, I’m happy to step aside! Lo and behold, that was Amanda’s dog, Walter, and their dogsitter. Walter is a senior pup who really was just there to sniff and get treats. He’s a sweet soul and I can’t wait to see him again at their wedding!

A small world moment

Amanda and Bart found me through a mutual friend (shout out to that friend, you know who you are!!), but Amanda and I already knew each other! You see, we worked in many of the same spaces in my alternative job in the public health world, so when I got their inquiry I was so excited because I already knew they would be good people! I love small world moments 🙂

I can’t wait for their wedding next year! I know it’s going to be a good one full of love and joy! Hope you enjoy this little preview of their engagement session below!

All my best,


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