Tower Grove Park engagement pictures // Danielle and Chris

Y’all I am OBSESSED with this session! Danielle and Chris reached out to me so long ago for their wedding next October and I’m so glad they did. Their Tower Grove Park engagement pictures were so dreamy. The light that day and their colorful outfits paired together so well! I know Danielle wanted some fall leaves in her Tower Grove Park engagement pictures and we managed to find this one little tree that delivered on the fall feeling! It really was working overtime haha. You can definitely tell that these two like to have fun together and it makes my heart happy. I mean they had a plan to go to a concert after their engagement pictures- how fun is that?? As usual, Tower Grove Park was truly showing off. It was a bit windy that day but it was the first day of sun after a few days of cloudy, rainy weather and we definitely made use of that!

One of my favorite parts

You’ll notice later that there is an image where the willow tree is sort of in front of Danielle and Chris. This was totally on accident! The wind was just so strong that it blew the willow trees leaves in their faces. Danielle and Chris thought it was hilarious and because of that we managed to get such genuine joy in those pictures! Plus I love how the leaves ended up framing them- so definitely an accidental win!

Their wedding next year

Their wedding will be next October and it will take place at the Lemp mansion. This venue holds a special place in my heart because it is where I shot my first ever solo wedding! I’m so excited to be back there and I know it will be beautiful.

Hope you enjoy this little preview of their engagement session below!

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