Powell Hall Engagement Session // Alyssa and Kyle

Immediately upon meeting Alyssa and Kyle, I knew they were my type of people. Alyssa actually plays the viola like I do and when I found that out, that solidified their awesomeness for me! Their Powell Hall engagement session was so beautiful and we were so lucky to have access to it since Alyssa works there! I loved being able to shoot in such a grand and historic building. Fun fact- Alyssa informed me that Powell Hall actually used to be a movie theater, how cool is that? After we got to explore Powell Hall, we went over to Lafayette Park to get some fun naturey type shots. We got a great sunset and found a pretty purple tree that was blooming! Spring was definitely showing off. Best part of it was that because it was slightly cold, we basically had the park to ourselves (other than the geese, of course)!

My Favorite Part

While I loved their whole session, I loved how lighthearted Alyssa and Kyle kept things. They were joking with each other the whole time and you could just tell their wedding will be fun next year. I also really loved being able to get big wide shots of Powell Hall that really showed off the beautiful space. Keep an eye out for a kissing shot amongst a bunch of chandeliers!

Their Wedding

Their wedding is happening later this year at The Sheldon Concert Hall and I can’t wait for it! This venue seems perfect for a music loving couple like Alyssa and Kyle.

I hope you enjoy this little preview of their Powell Hall engagement session!

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