Engagement Photos With Kids, St. Louis // Alison and Ryan

Engagement Photos, St. Louis, MO

Have you ever wondered about how your engagement photos with kids might turn out?? Well never fear, Alison and Ryan are here to show you that it can be done and be SUPER cute! Engagement photos with kids may take a little bit extra planning, but it’s so worth it. Alison and Ryan brought their son, Grayson, to their session and he was SUCH a ham the whole time! I loved being able to capture not only Alison and Ryan’s love, but their love as a family with Grayson. It was extra special too because Grayson is only a month older than Alina, so we’re walking through very similar stages of life!

Tips for engagement photos with kids

There are some tips to successful engagement photos with kids! They’re honestly fairly similar to those I suggest with pets (lol hope no one is offended by that!). Most importantly, you need to have someone there to watch them when we’re capturing pictures of just the two of you! This person can also act as they “getter of attention” as I like to call it (i.e. standing behind me acting like a fool). Secondly, make sure to bring anything that might capture their attention. As an example, I know that my baby loves a specific rattle and I will definitely be bringing it when we get family pictures done this summer!

Overall, we had a great time though! We got to go to the Jewel Box and the Muny and we took FULL advantage of the beautiful sunset we had. I acted just a little bit crazy to get Grayson’s attention, but it was totally worth it! Keep your eyes open for that gorgeous ring too!

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  1. Eboni says:

    I love the eye side by side photo! It makes me want to go take one now so when we’re older we can do it again and have them side by side as we age. So beautiful!

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