Picnic branding session- Alpaca Picnic

When I got into branding sessions, I never considered the possibility that I would do a picnic branding session! Julie started this business during the pandemic after leaving a corporate job and has grown exponentially quickly! Julie creates beautiful picnic set ups across the St. Louis area for her customers that are customized to their needs and vision. She prioritizes creating a bespoken, customized experience depending on the customers preference and needs. She also works with other local vendors to make her picnics become a reality.

Branding Session Goals

When we started planning her picnic branding session, Julie emphasized the words fun, inviting and friendly. She told me about how she loves to travel and how she was always down for a party. So I wanted to make sure I captured her fun personality, while still highlighting the luxury experience that she provides her clients and I think we nailed it! While everything she set up was so beautifully detailed, many of the shots of her captured her fun and outgoing personality.

The Space

Upon arriving to the Roses and Mint studio (a gorgeous space with lots of natural light, which bonus, smells like flowers) Julie already had set up a beautiful picnic set up complete with candles, flowers and of course, food! She also brought pillows in her own branding colors and we took some fun shots with those! We were lucky that our friends at Roses and Mint already had backdrops available which meant we were able to capture clean images in front of green and grey back drops!

I loved how creative we were able to get during this picnic branding session. Julie trusted my vision and my over enthusiastic ideas and I’m so glad she did. Overall, we had a great time and I can’t wait to see how Julie uses these images!

To find out more information about my branding process, click here!

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