Nail Wrap Branding Session- Ivy and Ash

Working with Gabe to photograph her branding session for her business, Ivy and Ash, showed me what a cool person she is! This ultimately was a nail wrap branding session, but of course, like all my branding sessions, it was so much more! Gabe started this business totally on her own. She designs the nail wraps, packages them, and sends them out personally to her customers. She has so many designs that she is constantly updating by staying on top of seasonal trends.

Gabe as a Business Role Model

When Gabe and I were planning her session, she wanted to show off not only the fun side of her personality but her as a role model for other female owned businesses. Growing up as a trombone player (a generally male dominated instrument), Gabe knows what it’s like to be the only woman in a male dominated space. With her nail wrap business, she wanted to demonstrate that a woman can create a successful business and inspire other women to do so. With this in mind, I wanted to capture a few really powerful looking poses and I think we got that!

Gabe as the Life Long Learner

Gabe also described herself as a lifelong learner, which I love! I wanted to make sure to capture that because I think that is a big part of why she has seen so much success in business. I asked her to bring in books that she has dove into in the past and she truly delivered!

Gabe as a the Business Owner

We of course made sure to capture the behind the scenes of her design and packaging process. One thing I always try to do in my branding sessions is visually represent ideas that are often not as tangible. Gabe works a lot with visual art and concepts to design her nail wraps so I asked her to pick up some nail samples to get a visual representation of her thinking critically of colors, and I loved how those shots turned out! Overall, it was a great shoot full of fun and vibrant colors.

To find out more information about my branding process, click here!

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