The Franklin of Soulard Wedding Venue

The Franklin of Soulard

Today is a good day because we’ve got another venue for my venue series! And today the focus is on The Franklin of Soulard! The Franklin of Soulard is a beautiful historical venue that hits a great mixture of modern and old timey grandeur. It originally was a performing theater and they definitely keep that nod to their roots. It has so much space and a beautiful getting ready room! To top it all off, it’s owned and operated by a great group of people who are dedicated to making The Franklin of Soulard the best it can be. Here is what the owners said about the venue:

What is your favorite aspect of the venue?

Our favorite aspect of The Franklin of Soulard is that is a beautifully restored historic building with loads of charm built in 1905.  You’re immediately filled with old world romance when entering the main ballroom with its 30-foot ceilings, bright open windows, 30-foot stage, and original wood floors.  One fantastic aspect about the space is that you can decorate it as much or as little as you want, because the space is STUNNING on its own.  We are the largest venue in Soulard, and all of your guests (up to 300!) will be blown away by the character and historic details!

How would you describe the venue to others?

A historic venue with a ton of space and natural light!  We didn’t want something modern and new when we were renovating this old beauty, so we enhanced the historic charm with simple and elegant touches.

What is your favorite part about hosting weddings?

This is a loaded question! For my husband, Daniel, and I, this is literally our dream come true.  We’ve always wanted to own and run our own venue together so the fact that we are doing it is truly amazing and something we don’t take for granted.  For every event booked at The Franklin of Soulard, we are truly humbled and honored that the couple chose us to be a part of one of the most important days of their lives.  There is so much trust given right out of the gate, so that obligation to be there for the couple for anything they need is an awesome responsibility.  We are lucky enough to get to know the couple (and their families) and work with them anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, and those relationships built are all special and important to us.  We pride ourselves on not just being “the venue” for the couple, we are with them every step of the way.  And when it’s over, it’s definitely bittersweet.  But, we cannot wait to meet the next couple who books with us so we can do it all over again for them.

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