Olive and Oak

Olive and Oak

Woo second month in a row for my venue feature series! The first post was on the Piper Palm House and it was such a good time! Today, I am featuring Olive and Oak on the blog! This is actually one of my favorite restaurants in Webster Groves, but they also have a beautiful ceremony and reception space as well. One of the things I most appreciate about Olive and Oak is their commitment to providing top notch food for their wedding clients. If you are a foodie, this is definitely the place for you!

Olive and Oak has beautiful reception space, complete with a mezzanine upstairs where guests can enjoy a drink during cocktail hour. They also have a beautiful area where they host ceremonies in that is modern and has lots of natural light flowing in. I asked the venue representative a few questions about the venue and what they like about it and here is what they had to say:

  1. What is your favorite aspect of your venue? 

Something I love best about the venue is that it’s an incredibly versatile space. While it offers a stunning home for weddings, we aren’t pigeon holed into that sector, allowing us to host such a wide variety of celebrations. If you are asking from a physical feature standpoint, I would have to say the amount of windows we have in the space. They offer such brilliant, natural light, which in turn creates an incredible environment to be in and to have captured in your images. Because most are original to the building, they hint to the history of the space and they truly add to aesthetic of the venue.

2. How would you describe the venue to others? (a bright and airy space, boho etc) 

I feel like The Hall can hit a note for multiple vibes. The neutral color palette of blacks, blues, whites and grays allow clients to keep it simple or add their own pops of color. Our custom butcher-block wood table and love for house plants showered in natural light lean towards an outdoor, rustic vibe while the exposed industrial beams and modern light fixtures nod towards a more modern aesthetic. We have some hard edges that are softened with some in-house draping.

3. What is your favorite part about hosting weddings?

While our space is a stunner and we get to watch people make it their own, it’s really the food and beverage experience of hosting our couples that we love. Our goal is always to mimic our James Beard Award Winning restaurant. For us that means, custom menus for every single couple that walks through our door, and a bar package that is going offer some familiar things while encouraging our guests to try out new options.  We indulge in getting the opportunity to sit down with our clients and really dive into what encompasses them as a couple, then put that knowledge and love to work in the dishes and cocktails that we create. There’s no better compliment than when we hear “This wedding was us to a T!”

I hope you enjoy the preview of the beautiful Olive and Oak below!

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